As is widely known amongst the crypto trading community, Jim’s work is both highly unusual and uncommonly accurate. He has been receiving requests for lessons and guidance for years.  He finally decided to do so and launched the Geometric Thinking Trading School in 2017.

You see, to the dismay of those who have searched, there is almost no information available on the internet that explains how to use the geometric tools Jim trades with.  A search for such terms as Gann Square, arcs, vortex, energy points, etc, yields next to nothing which will lead one to become a better trader.  One day it may be common knowledge.  But for today, and tomorrow, Jim and his students are standing alone.  They continue to be the amongst the very few who know how to effectively use geometry to analyze the charts, and hence have a good idea when to buy, sell, or simply watch the charts extra closely. Students become well-versed in all facets of geometric trading which Jim has uncovered to date.

Classes are executed via webinars and live video calls.  A growing video library of past webinars is available for students after they have attended class, for their review.

The cost to register as a student in Jim’s Trading School is reflective of the value to be gained from learning that which Jim has to teach.  The cost to enroll in the trading school is payable in bitcoin or bitcoin cash. 

Experienced traders know that they can often make (or lose) more than the tuition cost on a single trade.  It becomes clear that the cost to receive this education directly from one of the internet’s foremost pioneers of the art of geometric trading, is relatively insignificant (though we recognize the sum is not trivial to those just starting out).


This is the syllabus of information to be covered as of this date:

  • margin
  • leverage
  • OHLC
  • candles
  • Support/Resistance
  • margin calls
  • stop loss orders
  • take profit orders
  • market-if-touched orders
  • many more
  • Auto Scale vs Manual Scale
  • Why is it important?
  • Gann, Bayer, Elliott, et al, thought of scale differently
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
  • Tradingview Problems with scale
  • Must be controlled
  • Likely can’t be fully mastered
  • Best analysts still lose if emotions not controlled
  • Stick with the system
  • Well-known ratios
  • History
  • Fibonacci retracements in price
  • Fibonacci extensions in price
  • Fibonacci accordions in price
  • Fibonacci accordions in time
  • Fibonacci extensions in time
  • Harmonics and the musical octave
  • Mr. Andrews made $50 million using this tool
  • One of the most under-appreciated geometric tools
  • 0 line is powerful
  • 1 line is powerful
  • Between there, all fib ratios are strong
  • 50% strongest
  • Beyond the 1 line – Extensions include square roots and fib ratios
  • Square root of 3 very close to 1.618.  Confuses people.
  • Vortex explained
  • Size, setup
  • 2 solutions are possible
  • Wave59 $5000
  • FLA $40
  • Very handy for verifying Gann support
  • Handy for identifying end-of sideways movement
  • Ellipse
  • Squares are a function of the 1st arc
  • 5×5 grid of squares
  • Angles are a function of the squares
  • Arcs are a function of the squares
  • Price wants to move to the top/bottom of the next square
  • Arcs “get in the way”
  • Angles “get in the way”
  • Size the setup
  • There are hundreds of setups in operation at each moment
  • “Wheels within wheels”
  • End of square is a time to expect reversals
  • Mid-square is a time to expect a reversal
  • Vertical of arcs is end of time for pull of arc
  • Arcs signal weakness and telegraph future re-test
  • Elliott Wave courses are available on the web
  • Every trader should study Elliott
  • 5 waves up
  • 3 waves down
  • 5 waves up/down subdivide into 5 waves
  • Wave 3 is never the smallest wave
  • Wave 2 never goes past the start of wave 1
  • Wave 4 never overlaps wave 1
  • Waves 2 and 4 usually switch complexity
  • Wave 2 often ends at the end of wave 4 smaller degree
  • Corrective waves (2 & 4) are the hard ones to count. They get complex.
  • If you can identify when to expect a wave 3 and/or end of wave 5, you can be rich
  • Gann said time more important
  • Most traders focus on price
  • Use the Gann angles as a timer
  • Gann spoke of “0 line” what is that?
  • Use 0 on the price chart, or the top/bottom of the setup
  • Same tool rotated 90 degrees can be used to forecast price
  • You must know how to do this. It works beautifully as a timing tool. I believe it was one of Gann’s many big secrets.
  • You don’t need to learn ‘astrology’
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Uranus
  • Square, Trine, Conjunction, Opposition
  • Geocentric, Heliocentric
  • Gann square of 9 and 12
  • Hexagonal and Pentagonal squares
  • Gann Emblem
  • Bar Count and Magic Numbers
  • Volume Cycles
  • Time and price are related to each other
  • Can we compute “pricetime”?
  • Each year, month, day, and coin has a ‘number’

There is a chat channel dedicated wholly to the students.  Students also have access to the larger community chat channel as well.

Jim’s goal is to groom a network of traders who know what he knows, in addition to what they have learned along the way as a result of their own study and experience.  Once select students have demonstrated that they understand (once they have “graduated” so to speak) they may be offered a leadership role in the organization, teaching and mentoring other students and subscribers.

Brain Trust

Ultimately Jim hopes to foster a “group-master-mind” that will be keener than his mind working alone.  He expects such a group of traders who “get it”, working together, will be able to crush the markets at some future point in time. Speaking for ourselves, we would gladly pay the price of tuition just to get access to a group-mind like the one Jim hopes to see emerge.

Tuition for this course is not dirt-cheap.  But we believe it will pay for itself quickly.  Take a look at the testimonials page.  These unsolicited testimonials are from people who read Jim’s blog only.  Imagine how much more valuable the school is…

Community chat subscribers will always be given priority in the registration queue for the Trading School.

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