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Note how price dances with geometry

Who or what is GeometricThinking?

We at Geometric Thinking constantly strive to excel at the art of bitcoin trading.  We are among the best and we intend to stay at the top.

We expect that many/most visitors to the our site are familiar with us already.  Word-of-mouth, Twitter, blog posts, and ample exposure via such well known crypto news sites as,, etc, have made us a fairly well-known entity within the crypto traders community. Many realize that we have a very unique trading methodology, which while not always 100% accurate, is nevertheless remarkable in it’s efficacy.

Geometric Thinking debuted in July 2017. We had a wildly successful run going into the December 2017 high. Some of our members literally became millionaires in those short 6 months.  We are still here after most other trading courses have folded in the past 3 years of vicious bear market.  We survived and even flourished, because we are among the best in the field of bitcoin trading.

What makes GeometricThinking different?

We are quite familiar with the common trading tools and techniques.  The problem is that 90+% of all traders use these same techniques and they routinely lose.  Not a one of the typical trading tools is predictive.  Who can look at a RSI divergence, or Bollinger band and say: “It looks like a low might be made ~ 7100, ~ 12/4/19?”   Our guess is that no one can.  But there are tools which will allow such forecasts to be made.  As our members know, we make such forecasts routinely.

While we are well aware of such common indicators as divergence, trend line breaks or other such well-known techniques, we don’t rely on them.  Rather, we rely heavily on esoteric  techniques not well known.  What we have learned is that the universe does not operate the way we have always understood.   

Our eyes can only perceive a very limited slice of the entire electro-magnetic spectrum of light, as you likely know. Some 90+% of the spectrum is there, right in front of us all the time, but we can’t see it.  Ponder that for a moment. 

Some 90% of what is “real”, is staring us directly in the face, yet we are completely oblivious to it.  That is our reality.  However, we can see evidence of the invisible reality.  We have been developing this knowledge for decades, and make it available here, in our online trading course.

We have learned that humans overall (but traders in particular) move like a school of fish (or a flock of birds) changing direction all at once – as if they had run into an invisible brick wall.  Why?  What is the “invisible wall” that forces a change in direction? 

We don’t know the answer to that question  (yet), but we know that the walls are often found at certain geometric constants, which encompass cubic dimensions and geometry,   Once we know where the walls are likely to be found we are able to enter and exit trades with a surprising confidence.

What does our alumni have to say about us?

Those who have been with us for even a short time make great spokesmen….

"I discovered Jim's work when he was writing for I was one of his first students, I'm proud to say. I never thought I would one day be an 'astro-trader', but Jim made me a believer."
"Geometric Thinking is the real deal. I was sold the first time that I saw that his EPs often forecasted change days ahead of time. I truly didn't think that was possible. But as I discovered, it is."
"Jim often says he is standing on the shoulders of great men such as Gann and Elliott who discovered everything before him. That may be true, but Jim has done an excellent job of piecing things together."

What Will I Learn?

In 2017 we taught several classes on such things as geometry as a trading tool, Gann insights, astro-trading, various esoterica, such as how to calculate energy points in time (We call them EPs).    (We have learned so much more since 2017!)

We have begun teaching again in 2020.  We  we are focusing on online video classes which has allowed us to drastically reduce the cost of lessons (a 65% reduction!).  This will make it much easier for new traders to gain access to our knowledge and insights, compared to 2017.

As the course is online, traders can access the videos at the speed they prefer.  Some will spread the courses out over a much longer time frame to give them more time to practice what they are learning.  We expect even newbie traders will be able to afford to attend Geometric Thinking University.

Gann Square by E. Altmann
Elliott Waves by RN Elliott
Energy Points by J. Fredrickson

These is but a small sample of the things we study.

Simple Astro EP Calculator

As a very simple example, we have included this simple tool to give all our viewers a chance to when there will be EPs for BTC based on the 12/15/2018 low:

Dream Team

This is our goal

We continue to harbor a goal of building a “Dream Team” of traders able to compete with the best of the Wall Street houses.  We have learned that it takes time.  People learn at their own pace – some quickly, some slowly, some never at all.  There are a handful of people who have stuck with the program, so we are closer to our goal now than we were in 2017 when we started.

Regretfully, humanity is beset with psychological nuances that make success difficult.  For traders, fear, greed and arrogance are our biggest enemies.  All traders understand fear and greed right?  But arrogance is often overlooked completely.  One needs to be humble to learn new things.  

After that awesome 2017 run, many young bitcoin traders came to feel like they were like superman.   They subconsciously felt they got rich because they were “geniuses”.  They forgot the adage: “Don’t confuse a bull market with genius.” 

Despite being “newbie traders” they nevertheless left to trade on their own, or followed the advice of unworthy charlatans, just as one of the most brutal bear markets of recent times was beginning.   What could possibly go wrong…

We suspect that many of those traders lost their fortunes. This pains us.  We wish we knew of a sure-fire way to make each unseasoned trader understand that arrogance is a killer in this business. In our opinion, only constant learning and study, coupled with a humble awareness that we are always making ‘educated guesses’ will lead to long-term success in this profession.


Each registered member of the GeometricThinking community is encouraged to contribute regularly to the blog here. It is a great way to showcase their talent, and it’s great for the community as well.  Those who blog here regularly are given a discount on subscription fees.

Community Chat

There is a public chat that anyone registered on the site can freely participate in. However, only students will be able to see such things as monthly EP schedules, links to personal charts used by the founders of the site, access to internal postings between members and other such things that make this site so unique, and amongst the best in the world.

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