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There is a whole new world of discovery waiting for us to open our eyes to new possibilities. What if the world is not exactly what it seems? What if simple 3rd grade geometry, circles, squares, triangles and ellipses, could lead us to a path of understanding, and trading mastery, we did not think possible?

Trading School

Geometric Thinking Trading School is the gateway to a profound education in the art of trading for a living. It does not focus on the mundane indicators that 90% of traders use, because those 90% typically lose. Rather, it focuses upon the study and use of geometry, and other more esoteric trading methodologies not easily found elsewhere.
Select graduates of the program are invited to be part of the ‘brain-trust’. A group of traders who have become adept at trading and are committed to working together as a team to dominate the markets.

Trading Community

Geometric Thinking Trading Community is a dynamic group of dedicated traders from all walks of life and nationalities. The chat is constantly discussing a wide number of markets as they share their insights, opinion, technical analysis and targets.
This community is comprised of students, members of the brain-trust, and other traders as well. The combined insights are constantly tracking a much broader set of assets than any one person can track alone. As a result, it is easier to become aware of trading opportunities early in their life cycle.

What our members say

This site is dedicated to helping serious students raise their trading acumen several octaves. Feel free to join us according to your level of interest and commitment to excellence.
N. P.

N. P.

"The Geometric Thinking course has been a life changer. In a sea of methodology, some which require a rocket science degree it's refreshing to see a logical and visually responsive method. Taking this geometric course cannot help you predict the future (nothing can), but what it will inevitably do is help you understand the universal laws/patterns that govern common human decision and allow you to see higher, and lower resistance bands on trades, and maybe more importantly timing. These skills combined have made me a more sound trader and trusting of my analysis."

H. J.

H. J.

"I’ve been with Jim and Geometric Thinking for 8 months now, and this decision improved my trading experience tremendously. I could have increased my capital by about 15 times during this period and I believe to understand at least some important basics of this new financial system called crypto currencies.

Especially Jim’s accuracy on market trends, trend changes in advance, highs and lows on swings is amazing. And beside Jim, Ray and Ivo, there are more than a dozen of additional top crypto experts within Geometric Thinking willing to support the community, to discuss different aspects of market developments and step in with their knowledge and experience whenever I need support with my decisions!

In addition, the Geometric Trading School offers high level of crypto education which helps to understand the important basics of geometry and figures in behind of market prices. This helps me a lot to place my swing trades with increasing success and accuracy.

But most of all has been Jim’s moral support: Especially during the difficult times last summer and beginning of this year his spirit helped me (and I think almost all of our community members) a lot to stay positive and to avoid panic reactions resulting in real financial losses.

So thank you Jim, Ray, Ivo, and all other Geometric Thinking guys in this community – let’s continue this journey and shape the future!"

N. U.

N. U.

"I’m so glad you are here! I share it with everyone. GeometricThinking made me literally $4,000 USD last night with advise on stellar lumens. I have no doubt they will continue to grow as the advice continues to help us all on our journey to financial freedom. Thank you for creating a product and bringing the right people to the table to help us."

H. D.

H. D.

"You made me $3K on lite coin in less than a week. I’ll easily pay you monthly for your info. Thank you! I’m following closely."

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