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Geometric Thinking Update

By Jim Fredrickson

I had a dream last night.  I was in a very large manufacturing facility with thousands of employees.  Management locked the employees in a large room and turned off the lights.  I thought “WTF??”  I turned the lights on and unlocked the doors.

Later, I was playing basketball outside the facility and saw a helicopter come in and drop a bomb on the building.  I realized that the bomb, which made a terrible noise like sparking electricity did not destroy the building (like it was a neutron bomb).  But I also realized that the perps who dropped the bomb had intended to kill all the employees they thought were still locked inside.

I drove a van to the loading dock and saw that there was a tremendous amount of high quality equipment just sitting there for the taking, and started loading stuff into the van.

When I awoke it occurred to me that my dream might be exactly what the cult/cabal is doing worldwide, trying to destroy humanity’s “useless eaters”, while keeping the productive capacity available for use in the future when the cult crawls out from their bomb shelters in the country side.

The bad news, is that, IMHO, it’s already too late to avoid economic calamity for at least a year or more.  The damage already done is horrendous.  And, of course, every day they delay re-opening everything it becomes orders of magnitude worse.

Worse still, IMHO, lifting this lockdown is not the end.  It’s just the end of act 1.  The fact that POTUS has alerted the world to HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE was something the cult had not anticipated.  They hate the idea that awake people know now how they might protect themselves.  In any case, there is another act coming.  The cabal/cult will likely launch wave 2 of the virus, maybe a more aggressive version, as soon as everyone is set free again.  Then they will blame the ensuing fiasco on those like POTUS who lobbied for an early end to the lockdown.

Meanwhile, global famine is approaching, almost inevitably.  It seems the cult is totally sociopathic, quite comfortable destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of people, to satisfy their lust for ever-greater power and control.

After 911 the country united around what was perceived as a common cause.  The story of Afghani terrorists orchestrating that event was a lie of course, but people united regardless.  That will not happen this time around.  Those who believe the MSM lies of a killer virus will not find common cause with those who see through the smokescreen and know that it is a lie designed to imprison humanity while they inject the serfs with some killer cocktail of a vaccine.  Shots will be fired.

I wish I knew what to tell people to do.  Just hold on tight, get some HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE and/or MMS, figure out what you will feed our family when the food is gone, and how you will fight back when they come to forcibly stick needles in the arms of your family.  If there are any 5G towers near your home, know that they are making your family sick, and respond like a man.  Good luck.I

We are NOT "in this together" The media is going bonkers and saying "Coronavirus, we are all in this together". I have a problem with that, and it is the fact that NONE of the elite are wearing face masks. Just look at the pressers on TV - whenever it is elite circles, no one has masks. No one social distances. There's something about this we are not being told, and we are DEFINITELY not in this together. Even if they start wearing masks now, the truth is known. It is THEIR virus against US. They either know it is not a threat or have proper treatment against it, so they are not even following their own rules.
Jim Stone

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading!

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