Bitcoin Traders Timely Alert 6/21/20

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6/21 Alert!

Bitcoin Traders Need to know

Perhaps some of you Bitcoin traders may have noticed that BTC and the stock market have been highly correlated since their respective February highs.

This is important because there is a Stock Market wave count that suggests that an Elliott Wave count of 5 has ended; one that began in 1982.

If that count is correct, then a downturn worse than any seen since at least 1966, if not longer, has begun.  Time will tell, of course.

If  the tight correlation between the BTC and stock markets continues (?) then Monday 6/22 might be a harsh day.  Stay alert…

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Geometric Thinking has been serving the Bitcoin Trading Community for 3 years now.  In that time we have assisted hundreds of traders achieve financial independence.  

We use different tools than the 90% who (predictably) lose.  That sets us apart.    Do you think it would help your trading results to understand how pricetime reacts to geometry? 

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If you don't use geometry signals in your trading, you are probably losing to traders who do.


JP Morgan said: "Millionaires don't use astrology. Billionaires do." Do you?


Energy points are those points in time that change is almost pre-destined to occur. Are we in an ep now? Do you know?

This is not financial advice...

Just words of wisdom

from someone who's seen it all over the decades.
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