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We at Geometric Thinking are constantly striving to excel at the art of bitcoin trading. 

Eduard Altmann gave the construct I call the Gann Square to the world, and it is a beautiful piece of work. A fairly complex, yet elegantly simple at the same time, it delivers profoundly accurate forecasts of turning points in time and price to those educated in the means to properly utilize it.

This class takes an elementary look at the tool and gives the novice a deep insight into how and when to use it, how to size it, when to adjust for blow off tops and bottoms, and when buy and sell signals are given.

As you discover the beauty and symmetry amidst the geometry unfolding across your price charts, you may, as we do, discover that bitcoin trading is not just about making money.  It’s a look into some 4th dimensional controlling construct. We realize that is hard for you to believe now.  But after the class you w ill understand why we say that.  Bitcoin trading, as Geometric Thinking does it, is a profitable spiritual quest, in a way.

Completing this class will help you:

Learning Path

This tool is what brought Geometric Thinking’s CEO to profitability as a bitcoin trading professional.  Prior to this discovery, he was, like so many other thousands of traders, amongst the 90% of traders who lose over time, as a result of using the same over-used indicators, moving averages, crossovers, bands, divergences that litter the trading landscape.

All these things have their place.  But if they are your go-to tools, you will likely remain in the 90% bracket, unfortunately.

Geometric thinking offers you a way out of that trap.  You should take it!

Video 60 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

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