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Pictures are stored here as links to larger downloaded images. Click the link to see the larger picture. This option, while a bit unconventional, saves alot of screen space, particularly useful for mobile users.
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Sana has been demonstrating a high level of comfort with a wide variety of geometric tools, such as the Gartley ensemble.  Kudos…


1st arc1st arc of setup (blue on jim’s chart)
1×1Gann 1×1 fan (bold blue on jim’s charts)
1×2 / 2×1Gann 1×2
apArc Pair (There are 5 color-coded arc pairs.  On Jim’s charts the 1st ap is coded red, and has the 2nd arc of the pair removed, since he believes Tradingview’s 2nd arc of the pair is set incorrectly.
BTC2404 hour chart of BTC
BTC3030 minute chart of BTC
EOSend-of-setup (large square gann setup)
epenergy point (time of heightened probability of change)
pfAndrews Pitchfork
sq9Square of 9

Some very useful sites

  • Tradingview:  Tradingview is simply indispensable in this business.
  • Elliot Wave:  You can subscribe to their BTC forecast
  • Simply a great business news channel
  • Brad Cowan’s site.  Brad is a genius
  • Erik Beann’s site.  Erik is a genius.
  • Michael Jenkins site.  Michael’s work is astonishing.  He has earned my respect.
  •  Eduard Altmann’s site.  Eduard is a pretty smart guy, though he seems to have lost his way the past few years.
  •  Futures 1st trade dates – useful for astro-trading

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