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We may not actually update this every day, but whenever we feel there is a message to be shared. These videos are also posted on our youtube channel:

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I noticed some spooky geometry on BTC daily last night.  Makes me say:  “hhhhhhmmmm….”

Note:  The only thing that comes to mind that could possibly precipitate such a drastic fall is an announcement, real or faked, of a quantum breaking of BTC cryptography?  I don’t know.  We shall see…


The rally the other day was a bit surprising.  I think Ershad may be correct about the 12/24 ep marking a high, rather than the low I had been anticipating.

I have a hunch the rally is telling us that wave 4 has not ended yet.  If so, this rally was bad news for HODLers, not good news.  Why?  Because it means that wave 5 has not begun yet.  (I had been operating under the presumption that wave 5 was halfway finished.)

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