By Jim Fredrickson


Bitcoin is struggling a bit but is approaching arc support which ought to give it the strength to rally.  If the 1×2, red line, yields, support at the arc will be in the 7700 area.
IMHO this is a hold though, not a  sell.  I say this because at this late stage of the bear market, surprises will likely come in the form of rallies.

“Traders everywhere are watching and waiting for BTC to rally anew.”

It will likely be another great year for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, like bitcoin, is acting weak but is traveling more sideways than down at this point.  It is nearing arc support which will likely give it energy in the next day or two or three.  It is a hold not a sell, imho.


Litecoin shares a similar chart as the two coins above.  It is weak but it is rapidly approaching a supporting arc which might be expected to help it to rally.  It would seem to be no more than a day or so from reaching that support.  This is also a hold rather than a sell, imho..

Happy Trading!

Remember that the author is a trader who can and does make mistakes from time to time.  Each trader must assume full responsibility for their own trades, based on his/her due diligence.

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