Not in Kansas anymore

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Geometric Thinking Update

By Jim Fredrickson

“We are not in Kansas anymore…”
-Dorothy in ‘Wizard of Oz’

It is unthinkable. Those who have been long warning of such a day were derided as being tin-foil hat wearers, but it seems they were right all along. The evil bastards in the cabal and in the cult, are actually crashing the worldwide economy in an apparent effort to further their chokehold on humanity.

Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs. Many had no savings. In American cities there are no home gardens. If there is no food in the grocery store people will starve. Before people starve they will steal if possible. At this stage, my guess is that looting in the cities has already begun.

No need to repeat what I’ve written earlier about this being a non-event. There is no “existential threat” from a virus. There never was.  There seems to be a virus, of course, but it is treatable with plentiful, existing, generic drugs. 

The science is already in, but the cabal is not interested in a generic solution.  They want expensive solutions but mostly they want mandatory vaccinations.  (This should make you wonder what will be in the mandatory vax.)  The only people facing an existential threat are elderly and infirmed people with pre-existing conditions like cancer and diabetes.  Who in their right minds would put millions out-of-work in such a situation?

So, there seems to be a virus, or something which is making people sick, but it is being GROSSLY EXAGGERATED.  There are now hordes of citizen reporters doing what the news channels have failed to do. They are visiting the hospitals and filming ghost towns – no emergencies, no over-crowding. Emergency rooms are empty! All across America.

Bill Gates, who refused to vaccinate his own children, has been spending billions in an effort to vaccinate the entire planet. He hopes to see a day when no one is allowed to even travel without proof of vaccination. This is truly an evil man.  You have seen the pictures of him with Jeff Epstein, right?  You know he was a frequent visitor at pedo island?  That he owns large swathes of the vaccine industry, which will make him TRILLIONS if the whole world is forced to take his poison.

There is reason to believe that 5G is the real culprit in this equation. It turns out that oxygen vibrates when exposed to the 5G frequency, much like water vibrates in a microwave oven, causing food to heat. So what effect might “vibrating oxygen” have in the human lungs?  Might it produce a situation where people can’t easily breathe????   Might it mimic the pneumonia symptoms seen in covid cases???

5G is very likely culprit a huge part of that making people sick, and the cabal and the cult knows this. But 5G is an indispensable part of their long-envisioned a police state utilizing the ‘Internet-of-Things’ (coupled with AI) to give 100% surveillance of all people, all the time. 5G is necessary to make their Orwellian control grid work.

Of course, if 5G is vibrating oxygen like water in a microwave oven, this “pandemic” will never end in a 5G world. Hence, we see recovered patients getting sick again when they return to their homes, where they are again bathed in 24/7 5G radiation.

If this analysis is true, we we are being immersed in a toxic environment which will keep the population perpetually ill; we will be like fish swimming in grotesquely polluted water. 

We will be bathing in radiation that ruins our ability to utilize oxygen, while believing there is a killer virus responsible for our respiratory problems.   If this is true, I imagine the cult must have a way to protect themselves and their families. Maybe 5G will be forbidden near their enclaves, as 5G will not be installed in Israel, home of the cult.

The military industrial complex has long known about 5G effects on people, but has kept it hidden.   5G is the cornerstone of modern military electronic weaponry.  It hardly seems coincidental that a website called, an active member of the military industrial complex, has curiously been forecasting a 70% reduction in US population by 2025 for some time now. I never took this forecast very seriously – even thinking it might be a mistake – but I am taking it seriously now.

It seems that at least some in the military industrial complex believe that most of the western countries, including England and Germany will share in that fate. (Most BRICS nations are forecasted to do just fine, interestingly…)

I wish I had hope that Americans would fight back, but I doubt they will. They own guns but lack the will to use them against their real enemies. They will shoot thieves who (in many cases) are trying to feed their families like Jean in a modern “Les Miserables“, but will not threaten the evil men in suits who have orchestrated this nightmare.

Maybe the younger generation will find a way to overcome this nightmare without resorting to armed revolution.  That would be nice, though unlikely.  I’m increasingly glad I am not in America at this moment in time.

The irony is that America is one of the very few places on earth where many people are armed.  It is the only place where the serfs have a fighting chance against the prison planet being built as we read these words.

Earlier generations of Americans had to make a very hard choice of accepting their lot as a serf, or being willing to die to be free.  I read once that only a very small percentage of Americans fought against the British.  Fortunately, that small number was enough.

Americans!  You realize don’t you that the oligarch billionaire class is getting massively richer while you are being bankrupted don’t you?  You realize that they are not doing social distancing, wearing masks or staying at home, right?  You realize they are inflating the number of covid deaths such that people dying by being shot or ht by a bus are being classed as a covid death right?  

The cult is very powerful, but there are only a few of them relative to the billions of people they are fleecing.  It is only by our fear and unwillingness to make waves that they are getting this prison built. 

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading! is a must-have tool in this business.  Get an account, if you haven’t already.

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