Are all taxes equal?

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Geometric Thinking Update

By Jim Fredrickson

Are all taxes equal?

In a word, no.

There is a vast difference between corporate income taxes and personal income taxes.  There is both a moral and philosophical argument in favor of corporate taxation, and none whatsoever for personal.

Corporate Tax

Corporations are a government fiction. An artificial person created by the state and given both rights and powers that living persons do not have.  Amongst the many differences, I will focus on just three for now.

  1. Corporations are created by government.  People are not.
  2. Corporations live forever.  People do not.
  3. Corporations have limited liability.  People have unlimited liability.

By focusing on just #1 from the list above, it is immediately clear to any thinking person that corporations are beholden to the government.  All things are beholden to their creator, after all.  People are beholden to God, Allah, or whatever divine force they believe created the universe.  Corporations are beholden to government at both the state and federal levels, as the state is their father.

By state fiat, corporations are eternal.  There is never a death tax, or any reading of the last will and testament.  No probate court to adjudicate the disposition of corporate assets.  Corporations live forever.

Corporations commit murder, mayhem, money laundering, and an astounding number of atrocities on a  daily basis.  On those very rare occasions that they are found culpable, no one ever gets punished.  At the most there is a small civil fine paid which amounts to the cost of doing business.  Pharmaceuticals have knowingly been poisoning children for decades.  They are never punished.  They are in fact protected.  People have no such protection.  If a person commits a crime that is insignificant by comparison to everyday, typical corporate crimes, ie, if a living person knowingly hurts a single living person, they face loss of liberty or life.

Given the outrageous, almost divine status of corporations, it is entirely reasonable that they pay an annual tribute to their creator.  The corporate income tax is not only justified, imho, it should be at a MUCH HIGHER rate.  Say, 80% or so.

Conversely, living persons are not created by government.  In fact, America’s founding fathers declared that people were created by God with rights that are issued from God himself.  We owe no tribute to anyone/anything but that Creator. 

Humanity has been conned into believing that their personal taxes pay for schools, etc.  In fact, federal taxes go directly to the federal reserve, where they are used to pay interest on the debt that the government owes the fed.  Ironically, there was never any need to borrow money from the fed.  The government has always been free to print US notes, interest-free, rather than federal reserve notes, which they borrow at interest.

Personal income taxes fuel war, napalm bombs in Vietnam, holocaust in Fallujah, wholesale societal devastation in Syria, etc.

IMHO, it’s long past time to just say NO.

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading! is a must-have tool in this business.  Get an account, if you haven’t already.

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