Geometric Thinking

Geometric Thinking

Called the 12/2017 high 2 weeks in advance

Geometric Thinking

Called the 3/31 low more than a week in advance
Show me the forecast

We are guessing most newcomers do not know of our track record.  But it is all on the record.  We are not always right, but we have caught almost every major swing in bitcoin for the last 12 months.  God willing, 2018 will be no different…

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We look at the world straight in the eye


We believe that the next 40 hours or so will see the start of something pretty exciting.  In fact, it strikes us reasonable to think that the party might last for several weeks.  For instance, might Bitcoin Cash rally to $3,000 by a month from today?  ~ 5/14?  It seems like it might.

We may not be correct this time.We could end up with egg on our faces from such a forecast.  But it’s what we do, and we are often correct because of the things we have learned.  Watch what happens.  In the event that we read the tea leaves correctly this time, feel free to Join us….

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