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Online trading course with Jim Fredrickson

You can become a successful trader. We've helped hundreds of other traders escape from cubicle hell. We can help you too.

Class 1

Introduction & Terminology

This lesson is meant to be certain that everyone understands the terminology of this business. 

Make sure we agree on definitions

Video 60 Min  + 2 Min read to complete
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Class 2

How & Why to scale your charts

Most of the trading universe never scale their charts. Is it important?

Scaling is important

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 3

Gann Square 101

This tool is deceptive. It is a brilliant tool in a humble package.

Introduction to a wonderful tool

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 4

Andrew's Pitchfork

Everyone has seen this tool but few use it.

Mr Andrews made millions using this tool alone

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 5


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If you are only using this for retracements You are missing out

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 6

Elliott Wave

Ralph Elliott made this discovery while convalescing from a long illness, in bed.

Elliott Wave is profound - ahead of it's time

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 7

Gann Square Advanced

Once you master the basics of this tool it is time to investigate it a bit further.

The more you dig the more you find

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 8

Energy Points

William Gann often said it is more important to get time right, than price. We agree.

Learning to calculate EPs opens up new worlds

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 9

Gann Square of 9, 12

These tools are often presented as confusing geometric constructs. But the math is simple. Breathtaking results.

These tools are not as complicated as they 1st appear

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 10

Astro Trading 101

Like most people, we initially thought astro-trading was just silly. Boy were we wrong.

Millionaires don't use astro - billionaires do...

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 11

Options Trading

Options are a different means of trading. The rules and risks are different. You need to know how this works.

Use leverage w/o margin call risk

Video 40 Minutes to watch
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Class 12

Astro Trading intraday

We thought that astro was just for daily charts, but it turns out that it can be used on 5 minute charts as well.

The stars give signals every 30-40 minutes

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 13

Money & Emotion Management

Most traders who fail and get sent back to cubicle hell, failed to learn the lessons contained within this module.

Fail this class and you are stuck in cubicle hell

Video 60 Minutes to watch
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Class 14

Spiral Calendar

Chris Carolan gave us this tool 20+ years ago. We are really grateful that he persevered long enough to make the discovery.

Lunar, Fibonacci and math in 1 package - sweet...

Video 40 Minutes to watch
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I Am Jim Fredrickson

With 25+ years of trading experience expertise, I have helped build and grow over 300 successful traders.  It is my mission to provide individuals with the skills to master the treacherous jungle of online trading.  As long as you stay with me and the GeometricThinking community, I will commit to helping you learn, grow and prosper.

Why My Course

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors


50% discount

This online video course is being offered at a 50% discount to the cost to early alumni in 2017. This reduction in cost will allow most students to recoup the cost to learn in as little as 1-2 trades.


Trusted Knowledge

Unlike many other trading coaches, Jim has been trading for 25+ years. He retired from the corporate rat race 12+ years ago and has never gone back. While other teachers have gone broke during the bitcoin winter, Jim has continued, and is growing stronger.

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Anytime, Anywhere

By capturing the content of his classes in video he has enabled the next generation of Geometric Thinking students to study at their own pace, day or night.

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