I guess the fix is in

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At this point it is becoming clear that the fix is in. It is impossible for the President, and world leaders everywhere, to have not noticed that Fauci and Birx have an agenda of their own, as they are owned by Gates. Fauci gave $7.4 million to the Wuhan lab to work on the corona virus, after it was made illegal to continue doing that research in America. He is on the Gates team, which is absolutely determined to vax the planet, and is positioned to make money off every needle sold. Everyone in power knows this.

They are fudging the numbers to make it look like every death in the country is Covid. No one is dying of cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, hypertension or trauma anymore. Everyone is dying of Covid. This is absurd, and is clearly being done to make the situation look dire, when in fact it is not. Hospitals are empty. They are furloughing hospital staff. They are shutting down entire floors of hospitals. Everyone in power knows this as well.

They have utterly destroyed the economy. 30 million unemployed. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses will never re-open. Millions of mortgages at risk. All this was done in the name of a death rate which is less, far less, than the annual death rate from a normal flu. Everyone in power knows this as well.

Why isn’t Gates being investigated for his relationship with this known spy/criminal?

A white house petition to investigate Bill Gates has surpassed 500,000 or so, and everyone in Washing ton knows this. Gates was un-elected, has no college degree in anything at all, was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s pedo island, and yet is being touted as the world’s messiah in all things health and virus related. All this while he is being sued by several countries for having destroyed the health of thousands of poor youngsters through his ridiculous vaccines. Everyone in power knows this as well.

POTUS gave every appearance early on that he knew it was bullshit. He insisted on getting the country back up by April 15 if you recall. But now he has stopped trying to fight it. He has taken ownership of the whole lockdown and can no longer avoid accusation. Despite campaigning on a platform of no vaccinations (remember that his youngest son is vaccine-injured) he is now pushing for mandatory vaccinations at the earliest date possible.

POTUS is done. Whatever he was trying to prevent at the end of March and early into April is now a sure thing, because he has rolled over. I can only guess at the reasons for his utter impotence, actually allowing losers like Fauci to dominate him in his own pressers.

The deep state wanted to find a way to stop him from being re-elected, desperately. It now seems they will get their wish – he is likely done. By November the bread lines will stretch for miles, and a wholly vaccinated population will be sick. Even his supporters will be angry with him by then, now that he has not just allowed this travesty, but actually taken ownership of it.

Meanwhile, the utterly evil cult that is behind the entire agenda is successfully executing a nefarious plan. Methodically, they are creating a situation where no one will be able to put up an effective resistance. Most everyone will be broke, starving and sick by November. The media is helping the perps, as is big tech, because they are all owned by members of the cult. Once people are vaxed my guess is their immune systems will be seriously compromised, many/most will become sterile, and they will be chipped like household pets. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin never had it so easy…

At that point the cult will be free to do pretty much whatever they want to do, to anyone they please. These are members of the same cult that killed the Czar and his entire family, and then brutally killed 60 million people (mostly Christians), in Russia 100 years ago. My guess is they intend to do the same thing in America, and other select countries as well. America, Germany, and a few other western countries are predicted to be drastically reduced in population within 5 more years.

Americans have guns in their homes precisely for a time like this, but sadly (except for a few notable exceptions) most (armed and unarmed) patriots are largely hypnotized by the Q myth, and are staying home because of their childish belief that somebody else, some faceless ‘white hat’ somewhere, is taking responsibility for stopping this evil. Ha! It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. The Qanons will realize they were conned only when they are being held down while their entire family is vaxed.

I’m re-reading “Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn to better understand how the Russians suddenly woke up and found themselves locked in a national-level concentration camp 100 years ago, expecting that it will likely happen similarly this time around.

Coming to a theater near you…

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