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Lawyers for Ron Paul

Those of us who have been in the liberty movement for longer than a few months remember clearly the outright fraud and criminal activity that occurred during the 2008 · Ron Paul campaign for President. There were countless examples of vote tampering and outright vote stealing four years ago. Of course we remember very well what happened in Nevada in 2008 and ultimately at the convention itself, when Ron Paul’s delegates were turned away from the convention altogether.

Having seen these criminal activities occur so blatantly four years ago, many of us were watching with eager anticipation to see whether or not the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 would act decisively when such activities occurred again. It all begin in Iowa 2012 , where we watched and waited with baited breath to see to what extent the Republican national committee would commit criminal actions, and to what extent the Ron Paul campaign would act to nip it in the bud.

Regretfully, beginning early on in Iowa, the Ron Paul campaign did virtually nothing to put the fear of prison into those who committed criminal acts of fraud. This was extremely disheartening. All of us who were part of the campaign of 2008 knew full well that if fraud wasn’t stopped in Iowa it would continue throughout the nation in state after state. After all, this is precisely what we saw happen four years ago.

Ultimately Rick Santorum’s people did a pretty good job of revealing the fraud that took place in Iowa. As a result of their diligent efforts it was proven that Romney’s forces had lied and cheated to make it appear that Romney won Iowa in the popular vote. As a result of Rick Santorum’s efforts, the popular election was finally given to Rick Santorum as it should have.

The question Ron Paul’s supporters have long been wondering is:  ”Where was Ron Paul’s campaign team on this issue”  given that Ron Paul’s campaign suffered more egregiously than Rick Santorum’s had?  Especially since we knew in advance this would happen. It was just a rerun of 2008.

It is now a matter of public record that the level of criminal activity that has marred this entire campaign season has grown to such ridiculous levels that it can no longer be ignored by even the willfully ignorant. Yet despite the growing obviousness of this elephant in the room, we have yet to see any significant pro-active or reactive response from the Ron Paul campaign. Their de facto acquiescence to fraud and criminal behavior has been a source of confusion, consternation and bewilderment on the part of hundreds of thousands of supporters and delegates nationwide.

This culminated in a shocking about-face on the part of Ron Paul’s son Rand, just a few short days ago. With two months remaining until the convention, just as the mainstream media was finally being forced to report that Ron Paul was steamrolling through caucus after caucus, picking up delegates all over the country, Rand Paul sold out. He betrayed not only his father but more importantly he betrayed all of the revolution’s supporters across the nation.

We can only speculate as to what would cause such an egregious betrayal on Rand’s part. Some have speculated that a deal was made in which Rand will be offered a prominent position in a Romney presidency. Others have speculated that Rand made some other shadowy deal which will certainly come back to haunt him in the future.

As for me, my best guess is that the “Powers That Were ” made Ron and/or Rand a Corleone-style “Offer he could not refuse”. I can imagine that they sat Rand and/or his father down and showed him a slow motion video tape of John F. Kennedy’s head blowing up in Dallas, followed by slow motion footage of Robert Kennedy later being murdered in California. My guess is they said nothing while they showed the videos. At the end they simply said: “Any questions?”   I will likely never know if my theory is correct or not. In the end it matters little why he would choose to essentially quit just at the moment his father’s lifelong victory was at hand.  What matters is that he failed his test.

The very good news is that there are very talented and dedicated legal minds within the Revolution who are not so timid as Rand Paul, not so afraid, who are unwilling to allow either Ron Paul or his son to sabotage the huge investment of time, money, and resources that hundreds of thousands of volunteers have put into the Revolution over the last year.

There are lawyers around the nation who have gone public with their intention to (using their words) “Take over the Ron Paul campaign”, and begin the legal indictments to prosecute the many documented cases of criminal activity that have occurred around the country these last several months. From outright voter fraud to coercion, bribery and ballot-stuffing, there is an abundance of evidence which will certainly cause numerous members of the Republican national committee to lay awake at night.  They should be contemplating whether they will be in orange jumpsuits by summer’s end.

Some of these lawyers are certified to argue all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States, and have stated they will bring this all the way to that venue if they must. Their stated intention is to have this done before the convention in August.

Further, they have stated emphatically that there is ample precedent that all of the so-called bound delegates for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, are not in fact bound at all. Indeed, there seems to be ample precedent within the RNC’s own documentation that all of the delegates en route to the Republican national convention in Tampa are completely free to vote for whoever they want.

The success of these legal endeavors cannot be foretold at this time. Regardless, this declaration represents a huge victory for freedom, for justice, and for the future of these united States of America. We can only hope and pray that enough criminal activity will be prosecuted that the blatant criminal activity which has so marred this election season will cease immediately.

We should hope and pray that the federal judges who will hear these cases will have the decency, the honor and the self-respect to do the right thing when the time comes.  There is little doubt there will be considerable pressure put upon them to be expedient and to allow well-connected criminals to remain free.

Finally we should all hope and pray that the hundreds of delegates going to Tampa Florida will vote as they see fit, for the candidate they desire to vote for, regardless of any pressure put on them to vote for someone they do not support. If this happens, we could end up seeing Mitt Romney receiving less than 50 votes on the first round.

This is all fabulous news for those who love truth, beauty and justice. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of this startling new development is the fact that “Lawyers for Ron Paul” have taken this initiative without seeking either Ron Paul’s approval, nor really caring if he supports it at all.

You see, this campaign was never really about Ron Paul.  It was about freedom, it was about liberty.  Ron Paul was the standard-bearer and we’re all very proud to know him and to have worked with him. However it is not up to Ron Paul to decide whether or not freedom shall ring and rampant criminal activities go unpunished.

For whatever reason, Ron Paul has not had the stomach to engage in the hardball tactics that the Mitt Romney campaign has had no qualms engaging in. As a result of his unwillingness to confront criminal fraud, criminality has run rampant throughout the country all year and has seriously undermined the efforts of hundreds of thousands of honest, hard-working volunteers.

“Lawyers for Ron Paul”, if they are serious as to what they’ve said they are going to do in the next two months, will give America a second chance to get the 2012 Republican nomination done correctly. May God bless their efforts to put the guilty behind bars, and to create an environment where the will of the people can finally be expressed.

Can I get an amen from the crowd?

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