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Geometric Thinking Update

By Jim Fredrickson


“The only thing we have to fear is…  everything, apparently” –FDR

It shocks me to my core to witness the entire planet shrinking in fear of catching a cold.  To avoid possibly getting ill, contracting an illness that presents life threatening possibilities only to those who have weakened immune systems, the world seems to be quite willing to destroy the global economy.

We are told that 80% of those that have this virus shrug off the problem as if it were any common cold.  Most of the other 20% suffer a bit more, with flu-like symptoms, and only a very few suffer worse than that.  Those few are typically 80+ years old or on medications for other life-threatening illnesses.

To prevent old people with cancer, diabetes, hypertension, or on a variety of medications for pre-existing conditions from possibly dying a few years earlier than they are already destined to pass away, millions upon millions upon millions of healthy young people are being thrown out of work, making it impossible for them to buy groceries, pay the rent, buy diapers or baby formula for infants, etc.

It is insanity.  It is utter lunacy. History will view this time as a moment of madness on a global scale.  When exactly did we as a people become so very afraid?  In my opinion, this madness was pre-planned.  Popular movies like “Pandemic” were released in a timely fashion to encourage the madness.  Why?

The cult’s financial Ponzi scheme was about to topple over

This is where the rubber meets the road.  The asset bubble and Ponzi scheme economy could not be sustained any longer.  Hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt was about to go belly up.  After years of kicking the can down the road the can was no longer moving.  In Sept 2019 the Repo crisis made it very clear that the end was nigh for the Fed and the coming crash was going to be catastrophic. The “greater depression” was at hand. 

How could the cult avoid being treated as Marie Antoinette once was, in similar circumstances?  The answer?  Blame a pandemic for the devastation, making damn sure the world bought the cover story, while the real culprits, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street firms, and other economic criminals—are let off the hook.

To add to the irony, the cult, who owns most if not all of the banks, Wall Street firms, airlines and other corporate giants, not only avoid being beheaded by the street mobs, but they are actually angling to get rewarded with trillions of bailout dollars. 

These criminals who are begging for bailouts from their debts, have in recent years borrowed Trillions of dollars to buy back their own stock at inflated prices.  Why?  Because by doing so they further raised their stock prices further still, enabling them to reap billions more on their annual bonuses and stock options.  So, the malfeasance made the cult Trillions, but loaded their corporations with debt, which they now claim they need to be bailed out from!  It is plainly criminal, but the cult no doubt fully expects their con to succeed.  Given that the cult has bribed or blackmailed (via Jeffrey Epstein) most of the non-cult players, they may well succeed again.

The cult wants to end small business

The cult has basically owned the planet since early in the 20th century, after they took control of the world’s central banks.  Despite their enormous influence they have not yet achieved absolute control of humanity.  There are still too many people out there able to resist.  They have some money, they own their own businesses.  Somehow these entrepreneurs must have their businesses destroyed to make them dependent upon the state. 

For the cult to have absolute control, everyone must ultimately work for the cult members (who own the corporate giants).  No one must be allowed the independence of being self-employed.  Ultimately, this is the same reason Stalin destroyed all the farms in the Ukraine.  Better to have mass starvation than allow farmers to exist who do not need the state.

This pandemic of fear is a perfect answer to this problem.  Hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been destroyed in the past 2 weeks.  Hundreds of thousands more will go under within a month.  All those entrepreneurs are losing everything they have worked for their entire lives, and will be thrown to the bottom of the economic ladder.

Some will say this is a coincidental unintentional result of a benevolent desire to save lives.  I say there is nothing benevolent about destroying the livelihoods of millions of healthy entrepreneurs who are under no existential threat from a virus.  Neither are the children whose parents are no longer able to buy them food and clothing.  This is every bit as evil as what Stalin did in the Ukraine.

Is the virus real?  Is it natural, or a bio-weapon?

Is the virus real?  It seems there are several variants, and it seems that the enemies of the cult, most notably Iran, have been hit with an extremely virulent variety.  That the Iranian version first attacked those in leadership positions makes it very obvious not only that it is a bio-weapon which was strategically placed in some government facility, but also that it was in fact developed by the cult.

However, apparently there are several variants of the virus, because the rest of the world is struggling with a variant which is lethal primarily only to elderly, or otherwise infirmed individuals already knocking on death’s door.  To sacrifice the global economy, to put an entire world of healthy young people out-of-work, to make it nigh impossible to buy baby food, diapers, milk, or any other such necessary staples, to possibly prolong the death of a few, is ABSOLUTE LUNACY.

I am once again awe-struck by how well the cult has managed to deceive humanity.  They are using the manufactured crisis to ban gatherings of more than 10 people?  So, does that mean the military will disband?  The police?  Congress?  No.  Anything the cult owns/controls will operate as usual.  The restrictions are only for those not in the cult. 

George Carlin once famously remarked that they were coming for everything that belonged to those not “in the club” (“You and I ain’t in it!”).  How right he was.

Lockdown the elderly on meds?

To those who insist on believing that this virus requires a lockdown I say: “Lockdown the elderly who are on prescription meds.  They clearly are in a high risk group, as their prescriptions indicate a compromised immune system.  They are unemployed already anyways!”  Problem solved.

5G Connection

Apparently there is a 5G connection as well. It turns out that 5G has a devastating effect on the immune system.  Wuhan was the first 5G city on the planet.  South Korea was in 2nd place in the race to 5G.  These were the first 2 places the virus struck hard.  I strongly urge the reader to google “5G and cononavirus”.

PS:  I am aware of the Qanon hope that this is all part of some master-plan to arrest the wicked of the world.  How I wish that were true. But until I see evidence of this theory I have to conclude that it is but wishful thinking.

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading! is a must-have tool in this business.  Get an account, if you haven’t already.

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