Open letter to Qanons

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By Jim Fredrickson

Does anyone else see how absurd this picture is?

I am well aware of the Qanon belief that there are white hats in the military now in the process of rounding up criminals, perverts, Satanists, etc., under the cover of a worldwide state of house arrest. This belief presumes that POTUS is now masterminding a takedown of the twisted psychos that have infected the halls of power for many decades.

It should go without saying that I wish from the bottom of my heart that this was true. I must confess that I got goosebumps when I read the rationale behind the belief that Q is in fact John F Kennedy Jr., still alive after having faked his death 20 years ago. This dream, if true, would truly be miraculous. I momentarily had a vision of he and his cousin Robert Kennedy Jr, teaming up in the white house as their fathers did, from 1960-1963.

But, I have seen 0 evidence that any of this is actually true. There has not been a single high profile arrest made that I can see. Meanwhile, the world is being thrown into a prison. Every single freedom Americans have taken for granted since before 1776 is being thoroughly eviscerated. This I can see very clearly.

I can also see the unmistakable indications that a global famine is looming. Mass starvation around the world will likely commence within 1-2 months if this fiasco is not stopped at once. The supply chain is destroyed, the cities are running out of food, there are no victory gardens in the big cities anymore, (you can’t even buy vegetable seeds in many places now), and now we see that thanks to the prison planet we have allowed to be built overnight, the massive fields in the Midwest, and in many other parts of the world are not being planted. There will be little to no harvest this fall. It almost feels like a famine is being planned.

So I ask those who consider themselves Qanons, what exactly is “the plan” we are supposed to trust? Central to the Q narrative is the idea that POTUS is masterminding a counter-revolution as I type these words. But he gives no indication of that which I can see.

At the outset of the current panic he seemed to understand that it was a farce. He insisted that the shutdown would end by Easter. But he now says he “hopes” it will end sometime in May.  Senior members of his staff admit on camera that the lockdown is a “live exercise”, and he mutters under his breath “You should have told us”.  A nobody named Fauci gives every appearance that he is the one making the decisions – not POTUS.  He actually has the gall to contradict the President in real time on TV!!!   What has happened?  Why has the President allowed this unelected POS to usurp his position? Why hasn’t this man been fired?  Why hasn’t Pompeo been fired for conducting such a monstrous “live exercise” without even informing POTUS beforehand?  Indeed, why was he not arrested, and sent to Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist? 

It is looking increasingly likely that POTUS has been neutralized.  He is not acting like the boss that he is, or should be. He appears to know that this is a farce, a train wreck, but he is not stopping it.  Something terrible has happened, I suspect.

Qanons, with all due respect, you need to consider the possibility that Q is a fiction, and an integral part of a massive psyop which is ongoing. If indeed the bad guys are instituting a police state as we watch, surely part of their plan included a means to keep American gun-owning patriots locked up in their homes while a prison was built around them.

The entire Q narrative has certainly had that effect.  Armed patriots are calmly sitting at home while their prison is being built, because they (naively?) believe a group of un-names, faceless “white hats” is taking responsibility for putting an end to the tyranny.  But when has freedom ever been given to those who sit meekly at home in a time of crisis?  The question, unanswered as of this date, is whether the current inaction of armed American patriots is coincidental, or a planned part of the psyop.  I am increasingly of the opinion Qanons have been conned into inaction, exactly when they are needed the most.

Watching POTUS whimper about being uninformed about a “live exercise” that is destroying America, or deferring his office to a miserable character like Fauci makes me wonder what happened that so emasculated him?? Trump is not a wimp.  That is clear.  I doubt he was personally threatened and succumbed to fear for his own safety. He seems too strong and confident for that. 

If he was threatened/blackmailed into submission, the threat was more likely existential for the nation itself. Some kind of “nuclear threat”, on the level of hidden nukes in most major US cities, for example. I have no knowledge of such, but something has apparently caused Trump to abdicate his role – whatever it was/is, it must be big.

If I could advise him, my advice would be for him to tell the nation on live TV exactly what the threat is, and who made it.  He should then pledge on TV that if the threat is carried out, the families, businesses and all material assets of the perps, worldwide, will be vaporized within minutes of such action. That would take great courage, as the nation might “freak out” with fear.  But it would put the entire country on notice as to the level of the threat, and would cause the perps to have to hide in caves everywhere.

Such bold action has risks – the nuclear-level threat might actually get carried out, of course. But the reality is that whatever the threat is, the threat will never go away if POTUS does not confront it head-on. May as well be now, while we are still semi-free, than later, when we are all utterly subdued, and it is too late.

PS: Jim Stone, a respected independent journalist, is reporting that POTUS has been threatened with the “stuxnetting” of American nuclear reactors if he does not play ball.  I have no knowledge of the veracity of this data, but Jim Stone has been proven right more than once.  

“The question, unanswered at this date, is whether the current inaction of armed American patriots is coincidental, or a planned part of the psyop.”

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading! is a must-have tool in this business.  Get an account, if you haven’t already.

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