Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corries’ parents are in Israel this week, 7 years to the day after their daughter was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver on a mission to destroy Palestinian homes.  This short blog is not meant to be a lesson on what happened that day to this beautiful, warm-hearted and courageous young lady.  There are sites already up that explain the details much better than I could, so there is no need for me to do so here.

Rather, this is intended to offer moral support and encouragement to her family.  They have suffered greatly over the past 7 years I am certain.  I can only imagine their horror when they heard of the brutal, cold-hearted and premeditated murder of their daughter.   Their agony must have been surpassed only by their surprise that both the Israeli and the American governments refused to pursue anything remotely resembling justice.

My hat is off to the Corrie family today.  That they have persevered for 7 years is a testament to their love and memory of their daughter.  I am sure it would have been far easier for them to simply try to forget and move on.  I believe we are living in an age where evil, such as that exemplified by those Israeli goons driving bulldozers, will increasingly reach nothing but dead ends.  So I am hopeful that we will see some semblance of justice served at this time.  Seven years is an auspicious period of time.

Israel has been behaving like a sociopathic teenager for far too long.  She has a long history of stealing land and lives that do not belong to her.   She has done these things and much worse, whilst flying the banner of blaming her victims most of the time.   Unfortunately, as horrifying and heartbreaking as the murder of Rachel Corrie is, this particular murder is just an anecdote in the Israeli pit of horrors.  The only reason we know about Rachel today is because she was an American woman.

So Godspeed to the Corrie family.  May this Israeli court do both Israel and humanity a great service.  May it issue a ruling that holds the Israeli perpetrator of this act of cruelty and murder accountable.  May they also hold those who tried to cover up the crime accountable.     May they do so in a manner that is unequivocal.  In doing so, they will be doing Israel an act of great kindness

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