After what seems like forever, registration for Trading School will begin from today.  To ease possible administrative headaches, we will open registration to the chat channel subscribers first.  Registration to the first graduating class of students is also open.

As many of my readers know, I opened a slack channel a couple months ago as a “thank you” service to those who were thoughtful enough to send a bitcoin donation to my blog.  The word got around, and as I was flooded with requests to join I decided to open up membership to all who asked.  It is a wonderful group of traders.  Educated, lively and excited to trade cryptocoins.

However, from the launch of the school, I will be devoting my time to the students and the chat subscribers who enroll there.

There is a new website.  The url is almost the same as that of the old blog.  Note the difference and update your bookmarks!

Everyone, particularly if you intend to enroll as a student or chat subscriber in Trading School, please register as a member on the site immediately.  There is no charge to register.  To do so, click on the “REGISTER” menu at the top.

It is important that you use the register menu option to register, for reasons of future enrollment in the school.

Once you have registered as a member on the website, then you may proceed to the “Subscriber Payment” submenu under the “Trading School” menu.

Clicking that menu choice will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

It is a purchase of three (3) months of access to the Trading School chat room, where I and future graduates of Trading School will be sharing our thoughts about trading action each day.  It requires a bitcoin payment.

If one goes to the same page BEFORE they register as members of the site, they will see a screen that looks like this:

It is important to remember to use the REGISTER menu to register, and NOT the option to register at the bottom of that page.

If you do not register, the payment tool has no way to identify who sent the payment, right?  So the tool needs to know who you are, so it can tell me, and I can be sure to send you an invite to the School chat channel.

The payment tool gets confused if you do not send PRECISELY  the amount asked. If it asks for .04123456 BTC, and it receives .04123455, it gets confused.  So be sure you add the correct BTC transaction fee to your payment.

To minimize any possible confusion, please take a screenshot of the payment tool before you send the payment, and take another screenshot of the “Payment was successful” image that should appear after you send payment.  You may email them to me at:  [jim at geometricthinking dot com].  In the event there is any hiccup, I can use those screenshots to get you squared away.

Subscribers to the School’s chat channel will always be given to priority over others for future enrollment as students to future graduating classes of Trading School .




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