Timely Alert 8/25/2020

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Geometric Thinking Update

By Jim Fredrickson

I don’t often release these timely alerts, as I reserve them for moments that seem to be ‘extreme’.  Now is such a moment.

As you can see from the pic above, the phi relationship between the ATH and the 6/2019 high was a miss, but the “better ratio” (better than Phi) was almost a hit on the recent high.

However, if we stretch the accordion out a bit further, from the 6/26/2019 high to the re-test of the 6/19 high just a week later, we see that the “better ratio” is pointing directly at a date next week, ~ 9/2.

Of course, it is possible  that this ep will mark a low.  However, given that this rally looks very much more corrective in nature than impulsive, the Geometric thinking team will be taking money off the table here, and waiting for confirmation of what the market intends to do next week.  Whether we go long or short remains to be seen.

Happy Trading!

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading!

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