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We are now offering, for the first time, the Geometric Thinking Bitcoin Trading Course via an online series of video presentations. 

There have been a number of significant new discoveries since the original courses were filmed in 2017.  These new discoveries are included in the current videos now available.

Students will have an opportunity participate in chats and video conference with Jim from to time, and a wealth of trading tools, utilities, pinescript files and MS Excel tools will be made available to all students as well.

By going to a predominantly video format versus the live classes of the past, we are able to offer the entire course syllabus at a great discount to earlier classes.

24 Hour SALE has ended

The cost for the entire course, with all the new tools and information, is still a once-in-a-lifetime bargain!

Previous Geometric Thinking Students

Those who have stayed with the GT community through the years will continue to have free access to all videos. Former students who left, but want to return, can access the new and improved courses for a steep discount. Contact Jim for details.

2020 GeometricThinking Course

Spring is coming! 🙂
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See you in the bitcoin trading course!

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