If you sign up to be a member of the Geometric Thinking community, you agree to hold the school and it’s principals harmless in the event you ever suffer a loss from trading as a result of utilizing any of the many methods and calls/forecasts that emerge from the Geometric Thinking community.

You also agree to not share in a different public forum any of the details of the things you have learned here, for a period of 2 years. In the event that you are called upon to share your knowledge in a public forum, you will give just enough information to stimulate curiosity, without teaching the fundamentals.

A member/student in good standing agrees to always act in the best interests of the larger community, and not behave in any manner which will bring harm to the advancement of the community.

Any member of the community found to be leaking confidential data in a public forum will be summarily banned from the community.

Under no circumstances is any member to solicit monies or coins from any other member in this community without clearing the solicitation with Geometric Thinking first.  Anyone found to be doing so will be banned from the community.  This is to protect our community from unscrupulous people, and from inexperienced traders who think they are better than they are.