Terms of Service

You are an adult

We try our very best to give the best guidance/advice/support that we can.  But we are not infallible.  You understand that any trade you enter is your complete responsibility and agree not to attempt to assign blame for any loss you may incur on anyone else.

Be Respectful & Cordial

Lively discussion is a good thing.  Differing opinions cause welcome debate.  But if debate turns into malicious, hateful or otherwise destructive commentary, the offender will be advised to cease such behavior or risk being kicked or banned if the behavior persists.  

There are often times women in the community so we ask that vulgarity be avoided.


You may freely share your thoughts here, but agree not to share any of the confidential material intended gor geometricthinking members only tooutside persons or groups.  Further, you agree not to share what you have learned on any public forum for a period of at least 2 years.


The very last thing we ever want to do is to ban anyone.  But if any of the conditions listed above are broken repeatedly we reserve the right to so.

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