Lesson 4 – Powerful Pitchfork

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Andrew's Pitchfork; Fibonacci Vortex

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We at Geometric Thinking are constantly striving to excel at the art of bitcoin trading. 

The man behind this deceptively simple tool, the humble pitchfork, amassed a multi-million dollar fortune, leaving his alma mater (Babson College of Massachusetts) $50 million.  This at a time when a 3 bedroom home in Boston sold for less than $30,000!

He stated that he owed his fortune solely and completely to the simple pitchfork tool, which all traders have seen, but almost none actually use.  After this class we are sure you will use tool quite often.

In addition we will learn 3 other tools which utilize geometry and will almost certainly increase your profitability.

  • Fibonacci Vortex, developed by Erik Beann
  • Fibonacci Ellipse, pioneered by George Bayer
  • Fibonacci Arcs, as utilized by Jim Fredrickson

These 4 utilities, alone, will be enough to make you a profitable bitcoin trader if you take the time to master them.  This class will take you there.

As you discover the beauty and symmetry amidst the geometry unfolding across your price charts, you may, as we do, discover that bitcoin trading is not just about making money.  It’s a look into some 4th dimensional controlling construct. We realize that is hard for you to believe now.  But after the class you w ill understand why we say that.  Bitcoin trading, as Geometric Thinking does it, is a profitable spiritual quest, in a way.

Completing this class will help you:

Learning Path

In addition to the pitchfork, we will also look at several other utilities which are stunningly effective:  1) Fibonacci Ellipse, 2) Fibonacci Vortex, and  3) Fibonacci Arcs.  This lesson alone is invaluable.

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