I am pleased with the response to the launch of the Trading School.

I had originally envisioned a single classroom/webinar with ~20 students 2-3 times per week.  But now I can see that is not realistic.  There are too many time-zones, work schedules, etc, for that to happen.  I will be doing a lot of one-on-ones classes in this first graduating class I think.

For that reason, I will likely stop accepting students to the first class soon, as I do not want to end up in the situation that I am faced with too many students to deliver the top-notch education I set out to accomplish.

The 2nd graduating class will be far easier for several reasons:

  • I will have taught each class several times, rather than just once or twice as I had originally expected.  There is no substitute for experience.
  • Hopefully a few of the graduating students will be knowledgeable enough to help out with teaching a course or two or three to students in their timezone.

I have decided to go with Glip for the chat channel for several reasons.  It is a slick interface combining group chat functionality with calendar, storage, notes, and more.

If anyone can assist me in figuring out how to make the calendar a great and easy place for students to schedule classes with me, I am all ears.  It seems like the scheduling solution is there, somewhere.

I will send each member of the school an individual link to the channel today.  We are getting there.  🙂

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