Worth it to save even one life?

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We keep hearing the politicians saying that the shutdown of society is worth it, if it saves a single life.

Does ANYONE really believe that? Really?

Why stop at a virus? There are so many other patently dangerous things we could outlaw.

Lets start with cars, which generate hundreds (thousands?) of deaths through car accidents each year.

How many people are accidentally electrocuted each year? Why not save a few lives by turning off electricity? Shall I continue? I can think of dozens of such life-saving ideas right now.


Politicians will never do things like this, even though they would clearly save lives – alot of lives. Also, the MSM fake news presstitutes will never ask them questions like this, because this wholesale destruction of society is not about saving lives. There is something very sinister being perpetrated upon humanity, and whatever plan they are executing continues unabated. Opening up a few beaches after 10 weeks is not a reason to celebrate. It’s more likely just a part of the plan. They are releasing a little pressure – just enough so their project does not explode prior to it’s ultimate conclusion.

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