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Timely Alert 8/25/2020

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson I don’t often release these timely alerts, as I reserve them for moments that seem to be ‘extreme’.  Now is such a moment. As you can see from the pic above, the phi relationship between the ATH and the 6/2019 high was a miss, but the “better ratio” (better […]

Bitcoin Traders Timely Alert 6/19/20

6/19-6/21 Alert! Bitcoin Traders Need to know There is a record number of June options on BTC expiring today.  Volatility will likely return immediately after expiration. About us Geometric Thinking has been serving the Bitcoin Trading Community for 3 years now.  In that time we have assisted hundreds of traders achieve financial independence.   We use […]

Bitcoin Traders Timely Alert 6/15/20

Bitcoin Traders Timely Alert There are a significant number of geometric clues suggesting that Bitcoin Traders should be alert. Now. Geometric Thinking students already know this. you should too. Geometry is giving Bitcoin Traders a HUGE red flag at this time.  Ignore it at your peril… About us Geometric Thinking has been serving the Bitcoin […]

Worth it to save even one life?

We keep hearing the politicians saying that the shutdown of society is worth it, if it saves a single life. Does ANYONE really believe that? Really? Why stop at a virus? There are so many other patently dangerous things we could outlaw. Lets start with cars, which generate hundreds (thousands?) of deaths through car accidents […]

Follow the money in re: HCQ

Why is hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), one of the most prescribed drugs in history, suddenly labelled as a lethal threat? Meanwhile, barely-tested formulations made with God-knows-what, like Moderna’s “vaccine”, are quickly and loudly championed? Did anyone notice that Moderna has never publicly released a single product? Ever? Anyone care to look into the ownership of Moderna? Would […]

Take some $ off the table

Take some $ off the table Bitcoin Trading Course

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson I haven’t tweeted out a broadcast message recently, figuring that those who value my forecasts are likely already registered and visiting at the free chat channel every day. However, I feel a sense of urgency to warn people that we are in a moment of likely change.  It is […]

I guess the fix is in

At this point it is becoming clear that the fix is in. It is impossible for the President, and world leaders everywhere, to have not noticed that Fauci and Birx have an agenda of their own, as they are owned by Gates. Fauci gave $7.4 million to the Wuhan lab to work on the corona […]

Too late for crypto to save us

I am the author of the widely-read article “Bitcoin is the red pill of freedom“. I was awestruck by the prospect of an interest-free, non-debt, non-fiat currency being embraced by humanity as early as 2012. I bought my cheapest bitcoin for $68. I have traded it for almost 8 years now, and have taught countless […]

Apocalypse Now

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson I had a dream last night.  I was in a very large manufacturing facility with thousands of employees.  Management locked the employees in a large room and turned off the lights.  I thought “WTF??”  I turned the lights on and unlocked the doors. Later, I was playing basketball outside […]

MMS / Chlorine Dioxide = wonderful medicine [Updated]

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson IMPORTANT UPDATE!  I just learned that Chlorine Dioxide was granted a patent as a cancer & tumor cure!  Browse to the link below to see the patent for yourself.  It seems that in many cases a single injection of ClO2 into a tumor will cause the tumor to disintegrate.  […]

I wonder what Solzhenitsyn would say

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson So we were supposed to be thrilled with the quick passage of a $2 Trillion aid package right?  I mean, that is A LOT of money.  In fact, depending on how you calculate it, it means roughly $15,000-20,000 could be given to every American of working age.   That’s not […]

Open letter to Qanons

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson Does anyone else see how absurd this picture is? I am well aware of the Qanon belief that there are white hats in the military now in the process of rounding up criminals, perverts, Satanists, etc., under the cover of a worldwide state of house arrest. This belief presumes […]

Not in Kansas anymore

Geometric Thinking Update By Jim Fredrickson “We are not in Kansas anymore…” -Dorothy in ‘Wizard of Oz’ It is unthinkable. Those who have been long warning of such a day were derided as being tin-foil hat wearers, but it seems they were right all along. The evil bastards in the cabal and in the cult, […]

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